FVCR provides support to organizations competing in the following ways.

We provide additional support to new teams around the state to help them establish their programs.
We provide training and support to organizations that run competition events
Training and technical support
Two trailers available to organizations that run competition events
Small rental fee
The trailers contain everything the organizations need to run a high quality event
We host events
The Fox Valley VEX Robotics League for VRC and IQ
The Wisconsin VEX Robotics State Championships (to be held in 2024 in the Reach Expo Center across from Lambeau Field
48 High School and 24 Middle School VRC teams
48 Middle School and 36 Elementary IQ teams
The Northeast Wisconsin VEX Robotics Competition Showdown

A Signature Event held in the Atrium of iconic Lambeau Field.
Seventy-two of the top teams from all over the United States

Teams typically consist of 4 or more students who are VERY interested in STEM and are likely our future engineers, scientists, mathematicians and leaders.

Running events of this magnitude requires both time and treasure.  There are several ways that your organization can get involved.

Treasure – Sponsorship Opportunities
Organization Sponsor: $1,000
Name Included in ALL event titles supported by FVCR (Listed a a co-sponsor for the State Championships and the Signature Event)
Name and Logo included in ALL promotional materials
Name and Logo prominently displayed at events (Program, Signage, Banners, apparel as appropriate to the event)
Name and Logo prominently displayed on the livestream of any event supported by FVCR

The teams do not just compete on the field but also compete for Judged Awards including the Excellence Award, the Design Award and more. The top teams will display their knowledge of the Design Process through presentation of their Engineering Notebook and demonstrate their understanding during interviews with judges. Volunteering as a judge is a great way to get involved and find out what these remarkable students are capable of. Judging usually is a one day commitment, typically a Saturday except for the State Championships and the Signature Event.